Good days people! i have recently joined a great team at beaver’s ice house in houston…back on the washington strip feels like coming home to me. so many of the regular customers from that other place on washington have been in to welcome me back and i thank you all!

one customer commented to me:

“what are you doing here? you are too talented to be at an ice house making barbecue!”

my answer to that is this person does’nt truly get me or what i am about. i work at a restaurant with an ice house perception where the foods are creative, organic, wholesome, often sustainable and more often local. being under monica popes umbrella does’nt exactly suck for me either…hell i have been riding her coat tails of the farm to fork movement for years…she started this shit in h-town anyway! yay for me.

with all due respect to my friend who made the comment…i have traveled and cooked with some of the best culinary talent in the world and all i want to do is salt of the earth, great texas food from our own back yards!!!

I will be at Jolie Vue farms this weekend at the Outstanding in the Feild event assisting monica with her dinner. I am cooking whole Duroc hog ala caja china, slow grilled bellies, smoked pulled shoulder and smoked sausage. I also made brawn ala fergus henderson!!! trotter gear baby!!! it is delicious.

be back at ya soon!

come eat at the beaver!!!