it has been over a year since i posted anything on this site. fixing the place i took over has become a massive undertaking and has left little time for blogging. however this is the first step to getting back to talking about the importance of local sourced foods, the community and their development. so here we go:

I watched a movie called FoodInc the other day and was shocked to find out how horribly we treat what we put in our bodies, how poorly we treat our neighbors and how easy it is to find out better alternatives to a healthier living.

1. Buy Organics

2. Read the Labels of your food products

3. Buy local from people you know & whose farms you may visit.

4. Plant a garden

5. Go to the Farmers Markets

6. Stay away from genetically altered foods

Some Scary Names:

Cargil, Swift, National Beef, IBP, Monsanto, TYSON.

Some Not So Scary Names:

Old World Farms, Georgia’s Grass Fed Beef, Jolie Vue Farm, Gunderman Farm, Mid Town Farmers Market, Rice University Farmers Market, Heights Farmers Market, Airline Farmers Market, 3000 Richmond Farmers Market. Stoney Field Farm Organics Line (Carried by Walmart of all places. Walmart just started buying 100% Growth Hormone free dairy!)

I will be back sooner than later.

Cheers and Eat Better in the New Year, or you might DIE!