so jared fergusen of montrose, houston, texas, somewhere(???)

found me a couple of years ago and went through culinary boot camp…he is now at austin culinary academy where he also works for starlight and staged at uchi…where he earned the respect of tyson and his crew…

anyway on this first night of a six night culinary festival, i was burried up to my third or second chin in fuck-all…jared, who had climed on a bus early morning on one of his two days off, shows up at 8pm and jumps on the expo line and┬ábails out yours truly like he had been working with us all week. i am so proud of “my son”…hes all grows up and grows up!



this was a hell of a day…


the one and only “Reyna del Mambo”…Valerie Schroth of Cala restaurant in Peru

…and NO…you cannot drink her fucking CHICHA!


Rodrigo Conroy assisting with Carlos Testino’s dinner service


Carlos “Criminal Suave” Testino with colorado lamb, louisiana crawfish risotto, texas bosque blue cheese cake and white truffle honey.

restaurants cala and alfresco in lima, peru

word is he is doing something new!!!


just say high piggy…now LUNCH!


my friends richard, megan and james

these guys worked in michelin star restaurants and james worked for “the whole beast” master himself, fergus henderson!!!
go guys and welcome!!!

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